About KEMA

KEMA is a global provider of business and technical consulting, operational support, measurement and inspection, testing and certification for the energy and utility industry.

Our consulting services combine strong engineering and technical expertise with management consulting leadership to deliver environmentally sustainable, reliable solutions that address complex issues across the entire value chain from generation to use.

Over the past few years, KEMA has become known as a leader in smart grid strategy, technology and planning. We wrote the Smart Grid jobs report for the Gridwise Alliance that influenced congressional appropriations for smart grid projects in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. We published a book, titled Utility of the Future: Directions for enhancing sustainability, reliability and profitability which is now in its second printing. Our consultants are active on boards, and committees in government and the energy industry in shaping the standards and policies for transforming the electric power industry from a relic of the 20th century to a modern, secure, reliable digital asset that will power the future.

We’ve hosted two Utility of the Future conferences, bringing together leaders in utility, regulatory, technology and other energy stakeholders involved in transforming the electric grid to discuss How we get there from here, and Navigating energy sustainability.

This blog is a continuation of the discussions started in KEMA’s Utility of the Future conferences. It is a place to engage interested participants in thoughts and ideas about the way we generate, deliver, use and manage energy to create a sustainable energy future. We invite your participation and comments.

For more information about KEMA, please visit our corporate website at: